Authors with a wide variety of background write for WALL JUMP. We are happy to receive messages from people who would like to contribute to WALL JUMP by e-mail to:

The contributors of WALL JUMP sorted in alphabetical order:

Benjamin Gildemeister

As a let’s player and podcaster, Benjamin has been taking a close look at video games for years with his format “Die Beleuchteten Brüder” (The Illuminated Brothers) – and, in addition, he likes to arrange them into extensive lists with great zeal.

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Ingo Redenius

More information on Ingo to follow soon!

Joshua Hampf

Joshua is founder and owner of WALL JUMP. The studied educator has led the editorial team of a classic gaming news site for several years and now wants to take a different look at video games with WALL JUMP.

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Matthias Mirlach

Matthias has been working in various functions for video game publishers for over 10 years. So far this hasn’t been able to keep him from dealing intensively with games in his spare time – with the gamepad as well as in articles for various websites and magazines.

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Martin Eiser

Martin is a freelance journalist and was for years a permanent member of the editorial staff of the gaming portals and

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Mirko Lemme

Mirko is a full-time web designer and developer, passionate gamer and musician. As a studied journalist he prefers to focus on the “Primary Loop”, the core of a matter. Furthermore, he is not afraid to mention Douglas Adams and Sibylle Berg in the same breath.

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Sven Himmen

Sven is a writer and has already published three books. Video games are, in his opinion, the perfect medium to further live out his own writing passion because of their diversity. He mainly wants to entertain with his texts, since there are really enough other people out there who can write reviews. For him, it all started with a Game Boy. Of course with a mountable magnifying glass with a lamp. He is a professional after all.

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Thomas Steuer

Thomas communicates and podcasts for a German media group. In doing so, he is recovering from many years of working as a radio reporter for video games.

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