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We don’t just want to talk about games, we want to talk about the PEOPLE behind them – or even better, with them!

In a series of interviews , the authors of WALL JUMP dive behind the pixels and polygons and talk to people in gaming.

2021-01-23 / People /

We had the unique opportunity to speak with international expert Dr. Peach about the challenges of the Corona pandemic and her personal career as a virologist.

2020-11-21 / People /

We spoke to game designer Martin Ganteföhr about the development of his adventure game State of Mind, transhumanism and the human obligation to progress.

2020-10-14 / People

Synchronization makes films, series or even video games accessible to a much larger audience. All those who lack the understanding of the original language can…

2020-09-26 / People

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was produced in a unique way: Instead of funding the game by big banks or major publishers, the small developer from Czech…

2020-09-19 / People

The point-and-click gameplay that was predominant in the 1990s has increasingly disappeared from modern adventure games. But adventure games are not dead, contrary to the…