Author: Daniel Bienefeld

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo GameBoy is responsible for the fact that I never touched a single Zelda game after that. Oh, and it made me paranoid, too. Don’t wake up, Link!

2022-03-05 / Moments /
2021-12-04 / Moments
2021-08-11 / Places

In games, we visit places that can be strange, scary, abstract, or just plain beautiful. One of my favorite places is none of these, and yet it can be found in almost every video game. It doesn’t appear on a single virtual map, but should still be the first place to visit before actually starting the game: The trip to the options menu is worth it!

2021-07-10 / Moments

An exemplary, clichéd and half-baked game review of a typical and contemporary video game that doesn’t even exist. Genre fans can read it without hesitation – everyone else should read a sample first!

2021-04-04 / Mixtakes

The German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs is planning a labeling obligation for loot boxes: Is that enough?

2021-02-27 / Mixtakes
2021-01-30 / Mixtakes /

So after what feels like 100 years, a new Indiana Jones video game is actually coming out once again. Three contributors from WALL JUMP have made the announcement their topic of the month.