Author: Janina

2022-06-22 / Sounds /

In 1993, huddled in front of a small monitor, I learned how much fear a few olive green pixels can cause you when they jump at you screeching.

2022-05-11 / Encounters /

Why on earth would I first seek refuge from the unhealthily overpopulated world outside in the glow of my monitor, only to be exposed to the stress of social interaction again?

2022-02-16 / Encounters /

Creatures had an impressive fan community in the late 90s, which shows that it wasn’t just boys who were pushing the gaming scene back then.

2022-01-26 / Moments /
2021-12-25 / /

“Don’t look at anything about it before, just trust me.” Whatever moves you to these mysteriously murmured words, enjoys a high significance with me. After all, is there anything better than being surprised?

2021-11-24 / /

In Lemmings 2 there is an object, eight by five pixels in size and red. It looks like it’s just a decorative boat mounting device placed in the background by a playful level designer. At least that’s what I thought it was for over 25 years.

2021-11-17 / Places /

Unpacking has always been fun for me during my moves. However, I didn’t expect that unpacking boxes for strangers would take such an emotional toll on me.

2021-10-23 / Places /

Boiling the eyeballs with a branding iron is not life-threatening for the prisoner, but the psychological effect should not be underestimated. Or is it tactically wiser to shove needles under the fingernails first?