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Make no mistakes: Our MIXTAKES are opinions of our authors on current news, topics or games – often well-founded, but sometimes simply out of emotion.

The question of which degree of violence is justifiable in video games is to be considered independently of how much fun it is to drill the brains of your fellow players.

2021-08-25 / Mixtakes
2021-07-18 / Mixtakes

Political issues in video games have been a point of contention among gamers for years. Some publishers therefore regularly distance themselves from the content of their games in a mantra-like manner. They reject any political interpretation so as not to alienate any groups of buyers. Is that necessary? And how could it be better?

2021-05-03 / Mixtakes /

PAC-MAN is a yellow lump that opens its mouth every now and then to eat pills and scare ghosts. While some wonder what this munchkin…

2021-04-04 / Mixtakes

The German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs is planning a labeling obligation for loot boxes: Is that enough?

2021-02-27 / Mixtakes
2021-01-30 / Mixtakes /

So after what feels like 100 years, a new Indiana Jones video game is actually coming out once again. Three contributors from WALL JUMP have made the announcement their topic of the month.