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Make no mistakes: Our MIXTAKES are opinions of our authors on current news, topics or games – often well-founded, but sometimes simply out of emotion.

2021-08-25 / Mixtakes
2021-07-18 / Mixtakes

Political issues in video games have been a point of contention among gamers for years. Some publishers therefore regularly distance themselves from the content of their games in a mantra-like manner. They reject any political interpretation so as not to alienate any groups of buyers. Is that necessary? And how could it be better?

2021-05-03 / Mixtakes /

PAC-MAN is a yellow lump that opens its mouth every now and then to eat pills and scare ghosts. While some wonder what this munchkin…

2021-04-04 / Mixtakes

The German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs is planning a labeling obligation for loot boxes: Is that enough?