Author: Benjamin Gildemeister

2020-11-18 / Encounters /

Level 4-3. A cave, a bridge, a penguin. Ambient sounds and then – a leap into the water. When you plunge into the sea on a hot day, the world stands still for a moment. So it does when David Wise plays the piano.

2020-10-21 / Places /

Do expectations ruin gaming experiences? The dreamy “A Short Hike” made me realize that a good game is a good game, no matter how you approach it. On the wholesome feeling of experiencing something beautiful.

2020-09-23 / Sounds /

Half-Life is more than a shooter. It is a rich and terrifying universe and revolutionized the way in which the story of a game can be told. A simple radio message from the game haunts me to this day.

2020-09-12 / Moments /