Author: Sven

2023-02-12 / Places /
2023-01-29 / Moments /

I have been with my wife for over twenty years. She was my first and only partner and has remained so to this day, which makes me a little bit happier every day.

2023-01-08 / Moments /

As a teenager, my best friend and I had a habit of riding down muddy slopes on skateboards or wallpaper tables, or jumping from parking garages into bushes and filming ourselves doing it.

2022-07-16 / Moments /
2022-07-13 / Moments /
2022-03-26 / Encounters /

My therapist has always said that I can only get my social phobia under control if I consciously seek social contact. It may well be that I hate contact with people, and it may also be that I hate people in general, but I still have to deal with them.

2022-03-19 / Encounters /