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When we talk to each other about games, we are not talking about ratings, but about the MOMENTS that move us.

In this section, the authors of WALL JUMP focus on the very special moments that they experienced in video games.

2021-04-21 / Moments /

You can never be too careful. Lawyers are lurking everywhere. It’s important to protect yourself. For example, my parents had to sign a contract over twenty years ago to let me play a pirated version of Doom at the age of fourteen.

2021-04-14 / Moments /
2021-03-24 / Moments /
2021-03-16 / Moments /

The story of a years-long search for the first PC game the author received on a floppy disk as a four-year-old boy. The story of a years-long search for a frog.

2021-03-03 / Moments /

In If Found, I’m supposed to erase. And in the process, I reveal a compelling story about a young woman who wants to be nothing more than herself.