Author: Martin Eiser

2021-02-06 / Moments /

In Super Monkey Ball, monkeys are put into a plastic ball and have to roll in it to the finish – a captivating concept.

2020-12-02 / Moments /

Singstar has spurred the success of Playstation in Europe. Some reasons for its popularity, however, were features that had little to do with karaoke.

In a playful way, this entertaining adventure does away with the myth of the one and only soul mate. There is no need to fix what is not broken.

Breath of the Wild is the perfect starter drug for video games. The best known symptom is Zelda fever. Severe withdrawal symptoms are possible.

2020-10-07 / Encounters /

The relationship between my sister and me always seemed a bit complicated. It was characterized by a strangely distant closeness. As a big brother, I…