Author: Joshua Hampf

2021-04-17 / Places /

For $75,000, an old woman has to knit for a long time. For $75,000, my father had to take long, long cab rides through Los Santos.

2021-03-16 / Moments /

The story of a years-long search for the first PC game the author received on a floppy disk as a four-year-old boy. The story of a years-long search for a frog.

2021-02-27 / Mixtakes
2021-02-03 / Moments /

Aspirations and reality are often far apart. The Assassin’s Creed series in particular illustrates this: I play like a headless chicken, not a graceful assassin.

2021-01-12 / Encounters /

Before I knew that the Internet would exist and that you would be able to compete with players all over the world, I was already wishing for it. After all, I was probably the best Mario Kart 64 player in the world at the time.