Author: Joshua Hampf

2021-01-12 / Encounters /

Before I knew that the Internet would exist and that you would be able to compete with players all over the world, I was already wishing for it. After all, I was probably the best Mario Kart 64 player in the world at the time.

2020-11-21 / People /

We spoke to game designer Martin Ganteföhr about the development of his adventure game State of Mind, transhumanism and the human obligation to progress.

2020-11-14 / Moments /

The Survival mode in The Division is one of the best game modes in my personal video game history. My (cynical) “I’ve seen it all!” attitude almost kept me from having this experience.

2020-10-14 / People

Synchronization makes films, series or even video games accessible to a much larger audience. All those who lack the understanding of the original language can…

2020-09-19 / People

The point-and-click gameplay that was predominant in the 1990s has increasingly disappeared from modern adventure games. But adventure games are not dead, contrary to the…