Author: Joshua

Without the invention of printing, Martin Luther’s Reformation wouldn’t have stood a chance. Without the invention of the multitap adapter for the Super Nintendo, I would have saved 150 euros for a ROM hack of Secret of Mana 2.

2021-09-01 / Encounters /

My former roommate was an obsessive trophy collector. To get the highly desired platinum trophy in God of War 3, he beat Zeus for over 30 minutes. Emotionless. And unsuccessfully.

2021-08-11 / Places

In games, we visit places that can be strange, scary, abstract, or just plain beautiful. One of my favorite places is none of these, and yet it can be found in almost every video game. It doesn’t appear on a single virtual map, but should still be the first place to visit before actually starting the game: The trip to the options menu is worth it!

Complex AI systems are standard in modern video game entertainment, and AI-controlled bots now even give the appearance of acting completely autonomously. But the AI photo rating mechanics of some video games I consider to be pure magic!

2021-05-22 / Places /

As one of a few German media representatives, I was invited to the Heavy Rain release party in Paris in 2010. On the day before the shared bus journey with the German Sony PR team, my review of the game was published – with a devastating rating. The next evening, I was drunk.

2021-05-08 / Encounters /

Barely any ammo, but two knives: The final boss fight against Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5 resulted in a daredevil and heroic couch co-op milestone. A defining video game experience that could never have been created via online multiplayer.

2021-04-17 / Places /

For $75,000, an old woman has to knit for a long time. For $75,000, my father had to take long, long cab rides through Los Santos.

2021-03-16 / Moments /

The story of a years-long search for the first PC game the author received on a floppy disk as a four-year-old boy. The story of a years-long search for a frog.