Category: Places

When playing games, we’re visiting unknown worlds with their own architecture, fauna or visual characteristics.

Here, we want to talk about some of these PLACES that need to be seen.

2021-11-17 / Places /

Unpacking has always been fun for me during my moves. However, I didn’t expect that unpacking boxes for strangers would take such an emotional toll on me.

2021-11-13 / Places /

Summer camp in Canada, staying with a family. Hey, that’s Donkey Kong Country, isn’t it? But where is Donkey Kong? And who is the monkey girl? And… OH. MY. GOD.

2021-10-27 / Places /

Places where you shouldn’t play hardcore precision games. Today: A crowded, shaky subway on a stormy autumn morning. Or maybe that’s just the place?

2021-10-23 / Places /

Boiling the eyeballs with a branding iron is not life-threatening for the prisoner, but the psychological effect should not be underestimated. Or is it tactically wiser to shove needles under the fingernails first?

2021-10-16 / Places /

A demon lives with two poor, abused dogs on just 10m². He does this not out of necessity, but out of conviction. And yet he has to die.

2021-10-09 / Places /

A man is dying and his last wish is to travel to the moon. What sounds like an astronaut’s dream is in fact one of the most beautiful stories about love.

2021-09-25 / Places /

Daspota: Picturesquely situated on the Gulf of Prem. Unfortunately filled to the brim with thugs and pirates. A good occasion for the biggest grindfest ever.