Author: Mirko Lemme

Strained patience threads: How games (don’t) earn the “the-tutorial-you-don’t-notice” trophy.

Climbing in games is ubiquitous, but rarely rises above the quality of a load time. That has to change.

2021-06-30 / Sounds /

I want to say a lot about Terra Nil, a reverse city builder. It is just a pixilated game, but it stands for so much more.

2021-06-05 / Moments /

Some consider video games to be the process of following a set of instructions as optimally as possible. I consider Thumper, of all games, to be a suitable game to dispel this prejudice.

2021-05-15 / Sounds /
2021-05-12 / Places /
2021-05-05 / Places /

Police State, beach buggy and lighthouses: How I finally learn to grasp the storytelling of Half-Life 2 decades later