About Wall Jump

While others talk about game features and metascores, we’re talking to the people who create the games and the emotions they evoke in us. Because that’s what really interests us and what we love about games.

WALL JUMP presents a new item every Wednesday and Saturday. Count on us.

With WALL JUMP, we want to put the spotlight on people who contribute to one of the most exciting art forms of today: gaming.

In a series of interviews, the authors of WALL JUMP dive behind the pixels and polygons and talk to developers and creatives about video games and more.

We want to share special moments in games that made an impression on us and are worth talking about. Sometimes they are very personally, sometimes we look at them with an analytical view and sometimes want to talk about them just for the sake of it.

We share the sounds that we just cannot forget. Regardless if it’s hymnic compositions, annoying sound effects or succinct chiptunes.

We are also talking about the unique encounters we have while playing together. Whether in couch-coop, online gaming or maybe even in the conversations we have.

In games, we visit places that can be alien, frightening, abstract or just beautiful. We want to share the locations you have to see for yourself.

And sometimes all it takes is a jump to find some inspiration.

Authors with a wide variety of backgrounds write for WALL JUMP. We are united by our enthusiasm for exciting stories, challenging puzzles or fantastic worlds.

The authors of WALL JUMP stand for an open, tolerant and colorful society. Whatever our differences might be, our passion for games brings us together.

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