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SOUNDS can increase the immersion of games, underline stories or just stand alone as great compositions.

That’s because we don not only experience unique moments – but also special melodies and unmistakable tones. In this section, the authors of WALL JUMP explore the sounds of games.

2022-10-12 / Sounds /

Mein Mann und ich sind eines jener Paare, von denen Außenstehende behaupten, dass sie ihnen dabei helfen, den Glauben an die große Liebe nicht zu verlieren. Es ist ein bisschen kitschig, aber wir kommen einfach sehr gut miteinander klar. Und trotzdem lasse ich ihn verhungern.

2022-05-18 / Sounds /

What’s the first sound that comes to my egocentric mind when I think of Metroid? My own fanfare!

2022-04-30 / Sounds /
2022-04-27 / Sounds /

The bigger, more orchestral and epic video game soundtracks became, the less I remember them. Not a big deal, because there’s only room in my head for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins anyway.

2022-04-02 / Sounds /

Hollow Knight is the ASMR of video games. Insects crawl over the back of my neck, my head briefly under water with every hit. All I wanted to do was deliver flowers.

2022-01-22 / Sounds /