2022-01-08 / Sounds /

What sounds come to mind first when you think of your favorite games? The ones you’ve modded into the game yourself. More hot spicy wine, anyone?

2022-01-05 / Moments

As we did last year, we want to take a look back and have gone through our personal video game experiences of the last twelve months: Which moments touched us the most while playing games in 2021? Which moments have remained in special memory?

2021-12-29 / Sounds /
2021-12-25 / Moments /

“Don’t look at anything about it before, just trust me.” Whatever moves you to these mysteriously murmured words, enjoys a high significance with me. After all, is there anything better than being surprised?

2021-12-22 / Moments /

In Oil Imperium I had to drill for oil in a politically incorrect way and lead my company to the road of success. That wasn’t always fun.

2021-12-18 / Moments /

When I first heard about City of Heroes, the endless possibilities, being a superhero, the missions, the abilities, the group tasks, the… oh, let’s cut it short: I didn’t care about any of it.

2021-12-15 / Places /