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When we talk to each other about games, we are not talking about ratings, but about the MOMENTS that move us.

In this section, the authors of WALL JUMP focus on the very special moments that they experienced in video games.

2022-03-05 / Moments /
2022-02-12 / Moments /

Folktales with an educational purpose are far too exaggerated to be effective. No one would seriously fly too close to the sun. Would they?

2022-02-05 / Moments /

There’s a trend going around, it’s called Wordle. The search for words in the style of a code-breaker in six rapid rounds is as simple…

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2022-01-12 / Moments /

With each additional year of life, the number of media consumed grows. Sometimes I have the feeling that my internal brain memory can only store the new content by overwriting old and longer-ago content. This leads to fragments – of pigs and car accidents, among other things.

2021-12-25 / Moments /

“Don’t look at anything about it before, just trust me.” Whatever moves you to these mysteriously murmured words, enjoys a high significance with me. After all, is there anything better than being surprised?

2021-12-22 / Moments /

In Oil Imperium I had to drill for oil in a politically incorrect way and lead my company to the road of success. That wasn’t always fun.