Category: Encounters

Whether online or together on the couch – unique game situations often arise not only through the game itself, but through shared experiences.

In this category, we want to talk about these ENCOUNTERS.

2021-05-08 / Encounters /

Barely any ammo, but two knives: The final boss fight against Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5 resulted in a daredevil and heroic couch co-op milestone. A defining video game experience that could never have been created via online multiplayer.

2021-04-07 / Encounters

Although I am the cousin of my cousins, today it shall not be about me, but the cousin of my cousins. Now, before I record my family tree, I’ll just mention that the gentleman I’m talking about was a gigantic show-off.

2021-02-10 / Encounters /
2021-01-12 / Encounters /

Before I knew that the Internet would exist and that you would be able to compete with players all over the world, I was already wishing for it. After all, I was probably the best Mario Kart 64 player in the world at the time.

2020-12-16 / Encounters /