2020-09-26 / People

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was produced in a unique way: Instead of funding the game by big banks or major publishers, the small developer from Czech…

2020-09-23 / Sounds /

Half-Life is more than a shooter. It is a rich and terrifying universe and revolutionized the way in which the story of a game can be told. A simple radio message from the game haunts me to this day.

2020-09-19 / People

The point-and-click gameplay that was predominant in the 1990s has increasingly disappeared from modern adventure games. But adventure games are not dead, contrary to the…

2020-09-16 / Encounters /

Every generation has its own magic moments. It is a very intense experience that changes the way you look at things. Something familiar turns into…

2020-09-12 / Moments /