2022-11-05 / /

Two hours ago I finished Return to Monkey Island. It resulted in me digging through old photos, talking to my dad on the phone, and losing myself for fourteen seconds.

2022-07-20 / Encounters /

Nobody likes losing Pikmin. But when your own kids are involved, you have to pay extra close attention. Or you painfully learn something about the value of an individual.

2022-07-16 / Moments /
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2022-06-22 / Sounds /

In 1993, huddled in front of a small monitor, I learned how much fear a few olive green pixels can cause you when they jump at you screeching.

2022-06-11 / Moments /

The beginning of the game is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Completely overwhelmed, no longer measurable adrenaline output and an inner discomfort and feeling of pressure – never again have I experienced a better start to a game.