2021-02-10 / Encounters /
2021-02-06 / Moments /

In Super Monkey Ball, monkeys are put into a plastic ball and have to roll in it to the finish – a captivating concept.

2021-02-03 / Moments /

Aspirations and reality are often far apart. The Assassin’s Creed series in particular illustrates this: I play like a headless chicken, not a graceful assassin.

2021-01-30 / Moments /

So after what feels like 100 years, a new Indiana Jones video game is actually coming out once again. Three contributors from WALL JUMP have made the announcement their topic of the month.

2021-01-27 / Moments /

Being all alone in the dark never feels easy. That is unless you’re a powerful alien with night vision goggles. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. I was the prey.