2022-06-22 / Sounds /

In 1993, huddled in front of a small monitor, I learned how much fear a few olive green pixels can cause you when they jump at you screeching.

2022-06-11 / Moments /

The beginning of the game is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Completely overwhelmed, no longer measurable adrenaline output and an inner discomfort and feeling of pressure – never again have I experienced a better start to a game.

2022-05-18 / Sounds /

What’s the first sound that comes to my egocentric mind when I think of Metroid? My own fanfare!

2022-05-11 / Encounters /

Why on earth would I first seek refuge from the unhealthily overpopulated world outside in the glow of my monitor, only to be exposed to the stress of social interaction again?

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo GameBoy is responsible for the fact that I never touched a single Zelda game after that. Oh, and it made me paranoid, too. Don’t wake up, Link!

2022-04-30 / Sounds /
2022-04-27 / Sounds /