The perfect beginning


ith none of his games has David Cage told a neatly rounded story. At some point, they all lose traction, become erratic or implausible, reveal more and more logic holes, or suddenly mix supernatural elements into the previously grounded course of the story. The typical LOST phenomenon: Cliffhangers and twists are a legitimate stylistic element – but if you tinker your content around these stylistic elements at some point, you’ll never get the story resolved neatly at the end. This is exactly what all Quantic Dream games ultimately fail at. And to prevent possible accusations of arrogance: My failing would be much more miserable. For sure!

Indigo Prophecy was my first game from Quantic Dream. I still had a Media Markt voucher in the amount of 20 Euros and exactly for this price the game was in the box with reduced games. Indigo Prophecy also loses any traction, starting about halfway through the game, and yet it is one of my absolute video game highlights. Why? Because the beginning of the game is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Completely overwhelming, unmeasurable adrenaline rush, and an inner discomfort and squeezing feeling – never again have I experienced a better introduction to a game. I had to take a break after that opening sequence to sort myself out somehow. I forced friends and family to play that opening sequence as well. I went on to buy all of the following Quantic Dream games right at release – and was probably always so dissatisfied with the games because none of them could match the Indigo Prophecy experience.

Actually, this text should now go into the main part and describe this perfect beginning. I have already finished this main part – it is here in my Word draft. But I won’t take apart this perfect beginning analytically. And also the selected gameplay video I won’t insert here, unlike planned. Sometimes the beginning has to be enough. The main part and the conclusion often ruin too much.

Indigo Prophecy has been available since 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and also for the PC. Be sure to experience this perfect beginning for yourself. You can finish the game right after and still love it forever.

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