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Our Mixtake this month is dedicated to a completely unjustly underrepresented species in the world of video games. Clear the stage for cool lyrics from cool people, guaranteed without any more cool puns.

Security detention, philosophical question or social experiment? Our Mixtake on the topic of “Prisons.

2023-01-01 / Mixtakes

In unserem letztjährigen Jahresrückblick sprachen wir davon, dass wir in unserem vorletztjährigen Jahresrückblick sagten, ein „komplexes Jahr“ läge hinter uns. Und dass 2021 daran angeknüpft habe. Nun, was sollen wir sagen – 2022 hat sich ordentlich ins Zeug gelegt,

2022-01-05 / Mixtakes

As we did last year, we want to take a look back and have gone through our personal video game experiences of the last twelve months: Which moments touched us the most while playing games in 2021? Which moments have remained in special memory?

2021-06-01 / Announcements
2021-05-03 / Mixtakes /

PAC-MAN is a yellow lump that opens its mouth every now and then to eat pills and scare ghosts. While some wonder what this munchkin…