1 YEAR Wall Jump

The song “Happy birthday to you” is probably the most performed song worldwide, which is certainly due to its theme (birthday!), but also to its lyrics, which consist of just four words.

If we take this song as a benchmark for birthday congratulations, this text already (43 words!) overfulfills its task of congratulating on a birthday.

In addition, it is of course somewhat pretentious to congratulate oneself on one’s birthday. Nevertheless, today (June 1, 2021) we are not congratulating Alanis Morissette, Heidi Klum or Morgan Freeman, but only ourselves, because WALL JUMP is a whole year old.

So let’s look back both solemnly and humbly on the first 12 months, or, as we tend to say in WALL JUMP circles, the eternal cycle of Wednesdays and Saturdays, for which a text is still urgently needed. Except for one inglorious exception (17.10.2020) and a short Christmas break, this has fortunately worked out successfully, so that inclined readers may now find out in whole 108 contributions, which moments (38 contributions!), places (20 contributions!), encounters (again 20 contributions!), sounds (13!) people (still 11!) or topics (6!) have inspired us.

Congratulations are due not only to the readers, whom we would like to compliment on finding their way to this site, but also to the authors, whom we are still eagerly gendering (at least on the German language version of the site), although the percentage of male writers is definitely too high (100%). We hope for improvement until the second birthday.

Actually, the text should end here with a lovingly curated selection of articles from the last year. Due to different opinions in the team, how lovingly (Matthias!), well-founded (Mirko!), or worthy (Joshua!) such a selection can be arranged on short notice, the undertaking ended with the realization that one cannot pick out individual texts. Why not? Well, “first, because so many are good, and second, because they are good in different ways” (Benjamin). Who could disagree?

Fortunately, WALL JUMP has also been offering a remedy for this for years: our JUMP menu item.

This cleverly titled menu item not only fits the name of this website (WALL JUMP), but also throws readers to a randomly selected article. A concept that has no losers – and adds (almost!) new articles every Wednesday and Saturday. In the coming year as well!

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