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Every Wednesday and Saturday, you will find texts and conversations on this site that deal with what we find particularly fascinating or exciting about video games, what we want to know about them and what we love about them.

At WALL JUMP we talk to people who develop games, who study them or who have been influenced by them. Together we want to put into words what makes video games so special.

And we look at games that have touched us. We don’t make any buying recommendations, but talk about the unique moments we experience in games, about the sounds that accompany us on our journeys through virtual worlds, about the encounters we have with other people and about the places you should visit.

Detailed background information about WALL JUMP and our philosophy can be found here. The authors who write for WALL JUMP define gaming as an inclusive medium that brings people together, no matter their gender, origin, skin color, language or religion. Together we want to make sure that everyone who is enthusiastic about games feels welcome!

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