“The stupidest farmers have the biggest potatoes.” – A hackneyed saying, the true essence of which my friends Dominik and Holger often saw confirmed, when we were really stuck on Destiny in 2014.
A problem that still haunts the often ridiculed, yet rarely reached Looter shooter to this day was already omnipresent back then: the superiority of certain weapons. In the first year of Destiny, the exotic rocket launcher “Gjallarhorn” was obligatory for most endgame activities, because it pulverized every boss enemy in record time. In random player groups at that time you didn’t have to wonder if without this weapon it meant: You are the weakest link… goodbye!

For almost the entire first year, Dominik, Holger and I walked through the so-called Nightfall Strike every Tuesday, just in time for the weekly reset with each of our characters. At that time nightfalls were THE source for exotic drops and one of the few opportunities to get the game’s rarest weapons. But Gjallarhorn just didn’t want to drop, not for any of us! This went on for about a year, until finally the first major expansion of the game was about to be released: “The Taken King”. Now at the latest Gjallarhorn should become obsolete, because old items in new game expansions usually have a hard time. At the earliest now Fortuna should finally be in our favor.

One fine Tuesday we were farming nightfalls again when I suddenly got an important call and could only passively participate in the game. Dominik and Holger played the then particularly annoying Omnigul Mission as a duo to an end. My guardian was lazily trotting along while I was hanging on the phone for what felt like an eternity, just moving the stick from time to time to avoid being thrown out of the game because of inactivity.

Suddenly an outcry in the party chat! I had put the headset aside, but immediately noticed what was going on – just not with whom. When the phone call was over, all I could hear in the party was the introductory sentence of this article. Dominik and Holger dragged my lifeless avatar through this nerve-racking game and our long sought-after Gjallarhorn had the audacity to flash cheekily in my inventory of all things!

When the expansion was released a few weeks later, our trio rarely met on Tuesdays. I couldn’t imagine if there was still some trouble in the air concerning my farming fortune, though.
I didn’t have much of my big potato left anyway. As predicted before, all weapons from “Year 1” became practically worthless with the expansion.

Destiny was developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The MMO Shooter received updates from 2014 till 2017 and is still being supported by Bungie. Destiny is available for Xbox One and PS4, as well as Xbox 360 and PS3.

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