Clean Up For Others

I don’t know exactly what people will be hitting each other with during the World War III, but I do know one thing: By the time the World War IV comes, the Sphinx should definitely have thought of a few new questions. That World War III will not involve the use of nuclear weapons is unlikely. As a self-proclaimed expert in the field of horror games, horror literature and horror movies, I know what goes along with it: radiation-induced mutations of the human body. And with humanity having an average of 3.5 legs from this moment on, the question (which has become completely hackneyed in the meantime) about the change of a person’s legs within twenty-four hours would be difficult to answer.

In search of a new question, I came across the hairdresser’s question, which is also well-known and just as often chewed over. In a village there are two hairdressers. One is always well coiffed, the other is not. To whom do you go? Hmmm… who do you go to when you have no hair because of nuclear contamination? The poor sphinx. What do you ask a humanity not shining by joy but nevertheless always shining by radiation?

Fortunately, I had the saving idea: in a village there are two house flippers. The house of the one is a real splendor villa and such a feast for the eyes that eye-eating cows could live on it for weeks. The other is a wrecked wooden shack, whose furnishings are not only filthy, but just as broken. The chainsaw sitting on the floor next to the dirty desk should not go unmentioned either. Who do you go to to have your nuclear shelter refurnished?

The answer is obvious: to the person with the shack. So they come to me. I don’t play House Flipper to build a nice home for myself, but to make other people happy by polishing their four walls to a high shine.

I do more than is necessary. When I have cleaned and tidied someone’s garage, I even sort the tools into the shelves for the residents. There is neither money nor thanks for that. Nevertheless, I do it. Because it feels good and makes me happy.

Back home, I’m happy about the money I’ve earned, climb over the chainsaw and sit down at the desk to look for new jobs. Looking for new people who need my help.

I once saw photos of Marie Kondo’s own house. These photos shocked me because of the order depicted in them. If they were not staged, I can only disadvise following this woman’s recommendations. Anyone who has such a clean and organized home is not working for the common welfare, but only for themselves.

While shaking my head, I lie down again in my dirty bed and ignore the good mood of the cockroaches underneath. Tomorrow is a new day. A new day where I help people feel just a little bit better. I live to support others. Even the Sphinx. I’m just as happy to help her. She is very happy about her new question. She has also allowed me to mow her lawn soon and set up the new barbecue corner.

In House Flipper you clean up other people’s houses. You buy and place new furniture, paint walls, clean up messes or build a new barbecue area. You can limit yourself to what the clients ask you to do, or do more, because your own quirks demand it of you. In between, you can also simply watch the paint dry.

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