Month: September 2021

2021-09-29 / Moments /
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2021-09-18 / Moments /

When I mess up a trick in “Skatebird,” my budgie plops off the board, rolls motionless across the floor, and eventually comes to a stop. In this frozen state, he always reminds me of the morning when I was a kid and found that my budgie Ricky had died overnight and fallen off his perch onto the cage floor.

Daspota: Picturesquely situated on the Gulf of Prem. Unfortunately filled to the brim with thugs and pirates. A good occasion for the biggest grindfest ever.

2021-09-11 / Moments /

The Witness looks like a simple but pretty puzzle game. But it contains a treasure that is more valuable to me than all the money in the world.

In 1991, I thought the ending of Monkey Island 2 was dumb. 30 years later, I feel the same way. But for completely different reasons.

Without the invention of printing, Martin Luther’s Reformation wouldn’t have stood a chance. Without the invention of the multitap adapter for the Super Nintendo, I would have saved 150 euros for a ROM hack of Secret of Mana 2.

2021-09-01 / Encounters /

My former roommate was an obsessive trophy collector. To get the highly desired platinum trophy in God of War 3, he beat Zeus for over 30 minutes. Emotionless. And unsuccessfully.