Year: 2020

2020-11-21 / People /

We spoke to game designer Martin Ganteföhr about the development of his adventure game State of Mind, transhumanism and the human obligation to progress.

2020-11-18 / Encounters /
2020-11-14 / Moments /

The Survival mode in The Division is one of the best game modes in my personal video game history. My (cynical) “I’ve seen it all!” attitude almost kept me from having this experience.

In a playful way, this entertaining adventure does away with the myth of the one and only soul mate. There is no need to fix what is not broken.

Level 4-3. A cave, a bridge, a penguin. Ambient sounds and then – a leap into the water. When you plunge into the sea on a hot day, the world stands still for a moment. So it does when David Wise plays the piano.

2020-11-04 / Moments /