Month: April 2021

2021-04-28 / /

I live right next to a playground and enjoy it. In addition to shouts of “Grandma, that stupid kid spit there again!”, you get to witness some extremely interesting playground games while you’re gardening. For example, the other day I watched a couple of kids playing Fortnite.

You don’t have to form a Super League to be successful in the soccer business. How I maintained my integrity as a manager with solidarity and a touch of insanity.

2021-04-21 / /

You can never be too careful. Lawyers are lurking everywhere. It’s important to protect yourself. For example, my parents had to sign a contract over twenty years ago to let me play a pirated version of Doom at the age of fourteen.

2021-04-17 / /

For $75,000, an old woman has to knit for a long time. For $75,000, my father had to take long, long cab rides through Los Santos.

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The German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs is planning a labeling obligation for loot boxes: Is that enough?