Month: February 2021

2021-02-27 / Mixtakes
2021-02-24 / Places /

I don’t know exactly what people will be hitting each other with during the World War III, but I do know one thing: By the time the World War IV comes, the Sphinx should definitely have thought of a few new questions.

2021-02-20 / /

Telltale’s Walking Dead games have many endings. But one is the best of them. Why I don’t want to know what Wellington really is.

2021-02-13 / /
2021-02-10 / Encounters /
2021-02-06 / Moments /

In Super Monkey Ball, monkeys are put into a plastic ball and have to roll in it to the finish – a captivating concept.

2021-02-03 / Moments /

Aspirations and reality are often far apart. The Assassin’s Creed series in particular illustrates this: I play like a headless chicken, not a graceful assassin.